The Anglic Gods referring to the pantheon of the Angla's chief deities.

Their are 6 known Anglic Gods and a possible 7th as well as several Demi-Gods or offspring of the Angla.

The 6 known Anglic Gods are: Axios, Colipor, Qyn, Adena, Threnm, and Vahn. The possible 7th is "Casmyr" it is unknown to us if he truly ascended to the rank of a god, or if that is just what the stories say.

These 7 deities govern their own realms as well as share the realm of Detrus, and are considered the gods most often worshiped by the mortal races. Because of this they have blessed Detrus with the bounties of their attributes (Air, Water, Trees, Food, Willpower, etc)

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