Simply known as Vamprism or the Vampires Diesease, Porphyric Sanguinem is a disease that originated from the Daemic Master Verigann. The Disease takes 3 days before taking affect, during this period it can be cured with a normal Cure Diesease Potion but afterwards it becomes far more difficult to cure the afflicted of their vamprism.

Powers and Symptoms of Vamprism Edit

All Vampires are 25% Better at Sneaking. and 25% weaker to Silver and Replenishment Magic.The rest of the Strengths and Weaknesses depend on the Blood-Level of the vampire.

0 Days without Blood - After freshly feasting the Vampire will have a 0% weakness to fire and sunlight. and all their vampiric powers will reset.

2 Days without Blood - After 2 days the Vampire gets a 15% weakness to fire and a 25% weakness to sunlight. But gains NightVision (Vampire Power).

4 Days without Blood - After 4 days without feeding the Vampire will get a 25% weakness to fire and a 50% weakness to sunlight. But gains Invisibility (Vampire Power).

6 Days without Blood - The Vampire will be 50% weaker to fire and water, and 75% weaker to sunlight but will gain Vampiric Seduction (Vampire Power).

8 Days without Blood - The Vampire will be 75% weaker to fire and water, and 100% weak to sunlight, but will gain the ability to summon an Imp (Vampire Power).

10 Days without Blood - The vampire will be 100% weak to Fire, Water, and Sunlight, but will gain Detect Life (Vampire Power).

12 Days without Blood - The vampire will be 100% weak to fire and water, and 125% weak to Sunlight, but will gain the ability to transform to a Bat Swarm (Vampire Power)

Vampire Clans Edit

There are 3 clans of Vampires in Detrus, primarily in Oremus.

Clan of Shadows - These vampires remain hidden and do not interfere with non-vampires, they will attacked if provoked or if their home is trespassed on. They make use of Necromancy and Death magic over traditional weapons. They primarily inhabit caverns and abandoned fort's.

Clan of Revenge - The most organized and violent of the Vampire Clans, these "pure-bred" vampires are elite and noble dwelling in the far north. They seek to destroy human life and the enemy of all vampires "Sol" the sun. They often send assassins out to destroy Vampire Hunters and are genocidal to humanity.

Clan of Deceit - A clan of Vampires that blend in with society and mix with humans. These vampires are widespread and thin in numbers, averaging about 1 per every 3 settlements. They often befriend there victims before they mysteriously go missing. They often operate in secret, without the suspicion of their neighbor and the town guards.


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